La Plata, Maryland Dog Bite Cases: Common Causes and Your Legal Rights

Dog bites and attacks can cause significant physical and emotional trauma for victims, potentially resulting in long-term medical complications and financial burdens. In many cases, these incidents are preventable, usually stemming from negligence on the part of the dog owner or a lack of proper precautions. Knowing the common causes of dog bites and understanding your legal rights can be instrumental in successfully seeking compensation for injuries sustained in a dog attack. At The Law Office of Ben Evan, our mission is to provide educational, informative, helpful, and unique content related to our personal injury law services, with a focus on clarity and depth. In this blog post, we will discuss the common causes of dog bites and how victims in La Plata, Maryland can pursue legal action to recover the damages they deserve.

One moment, you’re enjoying a walk through your neighborhood or visiting a friend’s home, and the next, you’re grappling with the traumatic aftermath of a dog bite. With over 4.5 million dog bites occurring annually in the United States, it’s crucial to recognize the factors that contribute to these incidents and the legal options available to victims. In Maryland, dog bite cases involve understanding the state’s strict liability laws, properly documenting the attack, and working with an experienced personal injury attorney to navigate the legal process.

At The Law Office of Ben Evan, our team is dedicated to assisting clients through the complexities of personal injury law, providing compassionate guidance and effective advocacy. We understand the physical, emotional, and financial impact of dog bite injuries and work tirelessly to represent the best interests of our clients throughout the legal process. By offering valuable resources like this blog post, we aim to empower each client with the knowledge and support necessary to achieve success in their pursuit of justice and compensation.

In the sections that follow, we will provide a comprehensive overview of the common causes of dog bites, the legal rights of victims in La Plata, Maryland, and how an experienced attorney can assist in recovering the damages owed to you and your family. With this information, you will be better equipped to make informed decisions and protect your rights during this challenging time.

I. Common Causes of Dog Bites

Understanding the factors that contribute to dog bites can help promote responsible pet ownership and reduce the risk of injuries. This section will discuss:

1. Lack of Socialization: Dogs that are not adequately socialized may become fearful or aggressive toward unfamiliar people or animals, increasing the likelihood of a bite.

2. Territorial Behavior: Dogs may bite to protect their territory, such as their home, yard, or even their owner.

3. Fear or Pain: A scared, anxious, or injured dog is more likely to bite as a defense mechanism.

4. Improper Training: Dogs that have not received proper obedience training may not understand boundaries and be prone to biting.

II. Maryland’s Dog Bite Liability Laws

Navigating the legal landscape of dog bite cases in Maryland requires an understanding of the state’s liability laws. This section will cover:

1. Strict Liability: Maryland adheres to a strict liability law for dog bites, meaning a dog owner is generally responsible for any injuries their dog causes, whether or not the owner knew the dog to be aggressive.

2. Contributory Negligence: Maryland follows a contributory negligence rule, meaning that if a victim is found to have contributed to the dog attack (e.g., by provoking the dog), they may be barred from recovering compensation.

3. Landlord Liability: In certain cases, a landlord may be held responsible for a tenant’s dog bite if they knew of the dog’s dangerous propensities and failed to take action.

III. Steps to Take After a Dog Bite in Maryland

Following a dog bite, it is essential to take specific steps to protect your legal rights and build a strong case. This section will outline the necessary actions:

1. Seek Medical Attention: Obtain prompt medical care for your injuries, as this not only protects your health but also serves as documentation for your claim.

2. Report the Incident: Report the dog bite to local authorities, ensuring an official record of the attack and enabling animal control to investigate the situation.

3. Document the Scene: Gather evidence, such as photographs of your injuries, the location, and any visible signs of negligence (e.g., inadequate fencing). Obtain witness contact information if possible.

4. Consult a Personal Injury Attorney: An experienced attorney can help guide you through the legal process, protecting your rights and advocating on your behalf.

IV. How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You Seek Compensation

Enlisting the help of a skilled personal injury attorney can be invaluable in pursuing compensation for injuries sustained in a dog bite case. This section will discuss the benefits of working with an attorney:

1. Assessing Your Claim: Your attorney can evaluate the merits of your case and advise you on the best course of action.

2. Gathering Evidence: An attorney can help gather crucial evidence, such as medical records, animal control reports, and expert testimony, to bolster your claim.

3. Negotiating Settlements: A skilled attorney can negotiate with insurance companies, pursuing a fair settlement on your behalf.

4. Preparing for Trial: In cases where a settlement cannot be reached, your attorney can represent you in court, presenting a compelling case for the judge or jury.


Being the victim of a dog bite in La Plata, Maryland can be a traumatic and life-changing experience. By understanding the common causes of dog bites and the legal rights available to victims in Maryland, you can confidently navigate the process of seeking compensation for your injuries. With the help of an experienced personal injury attorney, you can secure the compensation necessary to address your medical expenses, lost wages, pain, and suffering, and other damages resulting from a dog bite.

At The Law Office of Ben Evan, our team is committed to providing compassionate and effective representation in dog bite cases. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries due to a dog bite, contact our experienced team for a consultation. Together, we can help you protect your rights and recover the compensation you deserve. Contact our law office in La Plata, Maryland for more information!

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